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Illy Coffee
The Unicorn Collection

Do you believe in magic? Galloping out of the Hey Little Cupcake! kitchen this April is our mystical Unicorn Collection; and our bakers have dreamt up this sparkly creation to coincide with a very special day!

National Unicorn Day falls on Monday 9th April and is the perfect day to combat those back-to-work blues, by adding a little colour, sparkle and glitter to the start of your week! To celebrate, we are releasing a number of unicorn themed treats, which will run until April 30th. Let’s take a closer look:

Let’s take a look at what will be springing out of our kitchen in the upcoming week:

The Unicorn

- £4

The fluffy vanilla sponge is topped with buttercream encrusted with magic sprinkles, and is decorated with delicately hand crafted unicorn sugar features.

The Blondie Unicorn Brownie
- £3.40

Along side our cupcake, we have our Blondie Unicorn Brownie; a blondie white chocolate brownie layered with fairytale candy floss buttercream and a white chocolate covering.


- £2.65 each

Red Rose
And last but not least, the collection wouldn’t be complete without our white, pink and purple unicorn cakepops!

Treat Layer

- 6" £50 | 8" £65 | 10" £95

Be a unicorn in a field of horses with our Unicorn Treat Layer; piled high with all of your favourite treats and finished with a beautiful, shimmering horn.

Shard Layer

- 6" £40 | 8" £55 | 10" £80

Jammy D
For something a little more abstract, we have the Unicorn Shard Layer, which boasts a pastel rainbow sponge, a white chocolate drip, thick white chocolate shards and cute unicorn sprinkles.

Horse Layer

- 6" £50 | 8" £65 | 10" £95

Where the fairytale began; the Unicorn Horse Layer is our classic design but can easily be customised into your dream cake!